An Experience in the cradle of Nature with Agus cane furniture

Introduction of Agus Enterprises

We are multimillion labour intensive state of the art technology based industry, and know for our quality for a decade in many countries. Our products adore homes offices as well as resorts houseboats and hotels. Excellence is our competence. We have the required expertise, raw materials and highly skilled workman
Uniqueness of Agus
We are number one in India in manufacturing and exporting of quality cane furniture and handicraft. Our workers from different states in India bring along with them multiple designs and expertise this is our inherent strength in weaving diversity into unity and we present the same to the world market for your appreciation. Our cane furniture is oil cured and lacquer finished and rated the vary best in the world.

Excellence is our core value
We offer guaranteed products.
All the raw canes used in the best available in the country.
To maintain the quality we use high quality polish.
We use brass nails, in the main parts of the products to avoid formation of rusts.
For upholstery, we use high quality materials.

Be Eoc-friendly
The characteristics of products intended to be used according to the comfort and choise of the consumers.
The piece of the item one buys will ally be per excellence and admirable by all.
The product will satisfy your expectations to the maximum and demonstrate reliability.

Your date with us
Excellence is our competence, value and expertise our hallmark and quality is our matto.Visit Agus and feel the excellence of our product, you help yourself and you help thousand of workers and their families in this industry. Yes we are fulfilling the millennium Development Goals (MDG) of the United Nations.

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